National Theatre Live
OFFICIAL Statement re: Frankenstein DVD/Bootleg Recordings

We appreciate the huge amount of interest in Frankenstein, which has continued since the original broadcasts. In response to popular demand, we sought the necessary rights to be able to show the broadcasts again and are delighted we have been able to offer audiences further opportunities to see it at encore screenings.
National Theatre Live is made possible by the support of the artists involved and we are keen to be able to preserve this goodwill so we can continue to make future productions available. We appreciate there is a huge amount of interest in making the broadcast available on DVD but currently this is not the wish of the artists involved.
We do not in any way condone the piracy of recording, both because it is an illegal activity and because it is against the wishes of the artists whose work we represent.  I would let you know that if you choose to record, distribute or download the screening of Frankenstein, you are breaking the law and risk legal action.
National Theatre Live is all about creating greater access to the productions on our stage. We try to emulate the theatrical experience as much as possible and believe the big screen, collective cinema experience comes as close as we can get to the original theatrical event.
If you are a fan of anyone involved in the creation of Frankenstein or the National Theatre, we would ask that you respect their wishes and decision, and hope that you will continue to support National Theatre Live in your local cinema.

David Sabel
Head of Digital Media
Producer, NT Live
National Theatre

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    It’s perfectly understandable why they’d do this, and I respect them for it. Also a bit sad, but “C’est la vie, no?”
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    Why, why, why? :( Why wouldn’t they want...shitty bootleg circling around?
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